What We Do

Boutique copywriting and coaching where you are the guide of your on this journey. I am here to discover who you are as a person, a brand, and a wedding professional. Then we move together into the greater picture of your aesthetic, your dream clients, your website, and your social media presence. With my guidance you will find the words you have struggled to express. Your brand voice will shine and be heard.

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

I get it. You're busier than you've every been, still passionate about the core of your business.  Yet you feel like something is missing.  You're right. It is you.  Your story, your voice, your heart is missing from your brand.  Let's fix that.  

You're in the right place.

Ways to Work Together


From a copy refresh to a full overhaul of your brand copy, I've got you! Words are my thing and I'll help you find yours. 

write for me >

1x1 Coaching

Get clear. Set goals. Define your ICA.
And more.  It is amazing what we can accomplish in 60 minutes...

Guide me >


Really ready to dig in? Join me in a 1x1 mentorship for 6 weeks where we will work on everything from your ICA to your brand voice and marketing strategy.

Teach me >


1x1 Coaching that will bring clarity and focus to your work 

Need to work on your brand strategy? Clarify your goals? Or simply find guidance on pain points in your business? One-on-one coaching allows you to share candidly with me about what your facing and finding clarity, guidance, and focus 

That's me!


You are ready to find the clarity you desperately need (and you love to laugh because we will laugh plenty during our call!)




You know your voice but you're at a loss for words (and you have big goals and you're ready to achieve them!)

Struggling to find the words for your creative soul? I've got you! We have all been there, ideas floating through our mind so fast we can hardly find a pen in time to jot it all down. We know who we want to serve, love our work with everything we have, and spend hours week after week pouring into our clients. Yet we don't use our voices.

I need this!

Love Notes:

“Let me start off by saying that if you are thinking about hiring Jenna, stop thinking and just do it. I knew after the first few minutes of chatting with Jenna about my copy and what I wanted to convey that her word-smithing expertise was going to be an incredible investment for my business. During the exploration and coaching process she was able to quickly identify the key elements of my brand story in words that I had spent weeks trying to find words for. . For the first time since I've been in business I feel like the copy on my website is completely on brand and me. I also feel like the quality of my leads are getting substantially better because Jenna helped me get laser focused on the wording and language I was using to tell my brand's story.".”

-Patti Darby

Now the work begins! I believe in brand copy that works.  Your dream clients are out there waiting to hear from you.  We will work in a live Google document to build copy that aligns beautifully to your brand voice and draws in your dream clients. 

How does it work?

The Copywriting Process

1. Zoom Call

Let's talk...we chat through the pain points of your brand as it is right now

Share with me the details of what you are needing most most in your business. Your brand deserves conversion copy that works and that brings your dream clients knocking on your door. 

2. Questionnaire 

A questionnaire designed to custom-fit your copy on a deeper level

Questions that take a deeper dive into your brand, pain points, goals, and who you are as a business owner.  This sets the stage for our work together and provides a wonderful look into your individual brand needs. 

3. Copywriting 

Finally your brand voice will thrive through our work together



I can't wait to help you level up your brand. Send over your info and we'll connect on the best way to move forward.